The taste of BESO


With the rise of civilization, the preparation and serving of food ...

... has evolved from satisfying a basic human need to a true art.

Fierce battles on the culinary arena are fought for a more exotic, more artistic and strikingly attractive presentation of each dish. The entire menu range contains colours from all over the world. Following the contemporary trends is the daily routine, which develops the vision of each Chef, putting him in the spotlight.

The kitchen is a stage and the audience is the judge, whose applause we all look forward to, while preparing and serving the food. We put passion, inspiration and talent in every dish we offer at BESO.

We speak of our menu as fusion, but it is so much more. It is the magic we create and aspire to enchant you with. This is the fairy-tale we narrate every day to satisfy even the finest whim. Business lunch, romantic dinner, time with the loved ones, a crazy party or a drink with friends, we are here to leave unforgettable memories, a plethora of emotions and a feast of tastes.

We thrive in innovation. We put a special attention to the Josper techniques. The elegant combination of grill and oven creates a new kind of sensation to the food we serve you. Sous Vide cooking sounds nothing short of exotic. The method is widely recognized as one of the healthiest ways for food preparation. It preserves the nutritional properties of the products and protects the food from the effects of high temperatures, which affect the colour, aroma, taste and weight of the ingredients.

Highest quality requires dedication, and you are our reason to tirelessly add a pinch of stardust to your day!

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“The best spice for food is hunger.” “Socrates.”

Our sushi menu is your Asian paradise. In it, you will surely find the pleasures of the traditional Japanese menu. Classic sushi sets, author variations of sushi and fresh products, which become the main characters of your chosen sushi set. Nigiri, sashimi, maki – just make a wish and the ambiance of Japanese cuisine will captivate you completely.

Цялото Sushi Меню ТУК

Can we trust the famous chef and journalist Julia Child? Oh, yeah! With the woman who changed American cuisine, we share a similar passion. The passion we put into our desserts. We did it to give you the exquisite pleasure that suits you best. Finest chocolate, the light texture of our famous cheesecake, the original citrus notes in our signature-dish biscuit cake, the “sugar hug” and the always present in the menu fruit meringue, are a cure for every sadness, a reason for celebration, an irreproachable pleasure for the soul and an unforgettable feeling of that special romantic date. All this in just one BESO dessert.

Цялото Меню с десерти ТУК

“After a good dinner, one can forgive anyone, even one’s own relatives.” Oscar Wilde

Цялото Меню със салати ТУК

“Heaven has no taste.” “Terry Pratchett.”

Цялото Меню ризото и паста ТУК

Whether you would like to plan or confide to chance, the rich selection in our dinner menu will put a big smile on your face, after experiencing our captivating “Besa me mucho” style of cooking. Our special dishes are “kissed” by the fiery “lips” of the barbecue, as the choice of dishes prepared with Josper will satisfy even the most delicate palate. It is entirely up to you who to invite to dinner at BESO, we dedicated a special part to garnish. You can choose the perfect match in taste with your main course.

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