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“I used to jog, but the ice kept falling from my glass” – David Lee Roth

A handcrafted cocktail – this is the perfection, in which we discover the magic of art; the mystery, in which we follow the creation of dreams from a spark; the charm, in which we immerse ourselves every day. How else to call the perfect blending of so many flavours in just one elegant glass?

When exactly do cocktails start their story? Hardly anyone can say for sure. Maybe in the 19th century, a brave American bartender mixed liqueur, aromatized wine and sugar to make everyone's evening special. He definitely succeeded.

We at BESO know one thing for sure - many unforgettable stories begin with a glass of cocktail. They start with your favorite company, "cheers" and the freedom to indulge entirely in the night. And the mix of music, emotions and tastes that she will serve you.

From Long Island to Stranger in Moscow. Our menu has many traditional (or unexpectedly bold) cocktail offers from all over the world. As befits, we usually start with vodka, rum or gin. We know the exact ingredients and proportions to make every cocktail perfect. But that doesn't stop us from imagining and adding something unexpected to the finale.

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