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BESO Bar | Dinner

BESO Bar | Dinner

February is frosty and changeable. It is gorgeous and full of great expectations, carrying the hopes of the upcoming springtime. Being a bit hackneyed with its ostentatious festivity and “this loving feeling”, for us it is extremely special. In 2010, at the very beginning of February, on the eve of its first weekend, we started BESO with excitement and a lot of love. We implanted our hearts and dreams in its name. We chose that name, because of the tenderness of the kiss, with which the eternal Consuelo Velázquez 1940 Mexican hit song still excites all hearts in love. Yes, “Besa me mucho” still makes our souls engage in dance. And, yes, we dance of pure joy, as with a lot of perseverance and hard work we have managed to win over the loyalty of everyone, who even once stepped into the ambience of BESO. All these years we happened to be discreet witnesses of sea of kisses, amorous looks and lovingly locked fingers. This endless love has inspired us in the constant pursuit of perfection to keep developing our elegant interiors, frequented by thousands of connoisseurs of excellent cuisine, to extend the variety of drinks and exciting desserts we offer, to ever preserve and nurture the unique ambiance we have created – employing both modern trends and a respect for the classic. Presently, seating 200 guests in the interiors and 350 in the fully renovated BESO garden, we welcome business partners, families, boys and girls, posh ladies and classy gentlemen, celebrities and friends. The cosy ambience of BESO impresses everyone as it is created especially and suited for everyone and for every taste. This is the place to relax, refresh, calm down or simply have fun. Here the city noise will not reach your senses, the clever soundscape will provide you with discretion when you would like to converse, and the open interiors and garden design will strike you with their spaciousness. The alluring garden will shelter you and will indulge your senses with beauty. We will welcome you for breakfast at 9.00 and offer you a drink after midnight. BESO is a special place, as everyone here feels special!

      I went there last week with some friends. The sushi was great, the staff were friendly, I enjoyed my wine and will defenetly come back!

    avatar thumb veselinaddd

      Very delicious food. The personal is kind, music is chill, have a parking, a lot places and a garden!


      Nothing was great at this place. Load music while we were having dinner, rude staff, food was average at best. I am not coming back here

    avatar thumb YannisPsarras

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BESO Bar&Dinner